PAS House was the project for Sole Technology founder Pierre Andre Senizergues house in Malibu, Florida. This dream house has been designed by Gil Lebondelapointe and LA based architect Francoise Perrin (RIP) for the 25Th anniversaryof etnies, Emerica, èS, Altamont Apparel and ThirtyTwo mother company. It consisted of 3 fully skateable ribbons (furnitures included): one containing the living room/kitchen, another one the bedroom and bathroom and the last one a proper skate training facility. A fully functioning model was presented at Public Domain / Skateboard Culture Exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. Laser Skateboarding skateboarding got deeply inspired by this visionary project and Tokio Mortar TOKYO Shop skateable surfaces when designing the incoming SK8Furniture line, which shares the same concept but in a compact package, ideal for shops, houses and bars. Check out the SK8Sofa and the Coffe Table, dropping on may 1, 2021. Link:

SK8Sofa and Coffee table will be available from May 1, 2021 on the laser webstore. Don’t miss the chance to decorate your backyard, shop or bar with the ultimate multipurpose setup.

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