Today the Italian blog Weareskate posted an interview about Laser project and history. It has been a pleasure to answer and we gotta say, it was one of the best talks we had so far. Thanks again for the talk guys and for you non-Italian readers, below you got the full English version below.

Name of the company, who are you and where you come from.
Hi WeareSkate, we’re Laser Skateboarding and we come from Italy, more precisely Emilia Romagna.

Lurking in your website we read something about your history, but would love to heave how Laser came to life from your own words.
Laser was born at the end of 2017 with the goal to build quality portable skateboar ramps, fun to ride and so nice you could put in your living room (thing that eventually happened).

In your website we read your payoff “#SKATERTAINMENT SINCE 2018”. What’s skatertainment in your vision?
Skatertainment describe our approach to skateboarding: fun, creativity and contamination with design, art and entertainment, of course. 

What’s your current product lineup and what set you apart from the other skate ramp companies?
We build classic features like mini ramps, quarters, manual pads, ledges and banks, but also unique objects like the #SK8Furniture line which is the meeting point between furniture and skate feature. What makes our ramps different from the othes is the extremely easy assembly process, that doesn’t require a single screw for the portable features such as the Wandering Ramp. We also love to build study ramps that look so good you can put them in your parlor.

Purchase VS rent: how do you see the skate ramps accessibility situation for the event organizers? Why buy or rent?
Both choices make sense to us. Rent is the right choice if the event is a “One Shot”. But if the skate events happen frequently or at least two three times a year, then it’s better to invest in your own skate setup: safer, you know what your public ride and you haven’t to struggle to find it at the right cost. Moreover, rent price is not only about the rental price itself, but also an heavy logistic expense since ramps are big and usually the shipping costs are more than the rent. We are down – and offer – both the solutions, because they promote skateboarding anyway.

Skateboarding is going through another golden era, but less snob and more open to the mainstream. What’s the weight of skateboard features in this matter?
A whole lot I would say. The new skateboard features are designed for a wider public (at least ours), and give beginners the chance to try without getting too scared on unsafe or too dangerous transitions. Finally, hybrid setups like the skate plaza brought skateboarding to the cities, instead of being segregated in degraded neigborhoods. This connects more people with skateboarding.

Bowl, Ramps, Street and many more skate area are growing up lately. In your experience, which is the type of feature a skatepark shoudn’t miss absolutely?
There’s no a must-have type of feature actually. In our opinion a skatepark must have fun features for all the levels, because the prime function is to attract and breed new generations of skaters.

When talking about skateparks, it’s more about outdoor setups. But what do you think about indoor skateparks in italy?
Indoor skateboarding in Europe it’s a big thing: take the Skate Halle at Innsbruck or Berlin. Luckily in the last years something is happening in Italy, too. Agape skatepark in Verona, or Pinbowl in Milano and few other indoors are doing a great job, and new ones are popping out every month. In the early 90s we already had iconic indoos such as the Roxy Ring and the New Roller, and with the recent explosion of skateboarding in our country, serious indoor locations would be only a logic consequence.

Still talking about indoor, we recently saw a picture you posted on Laser gram where there was a ramp in the middle of a house parlor. Do you think home skating is becoming a thing? 
The home ramp was my secret dream, that almost randomly became reality thanks to a client, and now it’s really getting a lot of hype. How many of us would love to skate in our own place but have no space? Our Nano Ramp solved the problem with its 3,6 X 1,5 mt area and only 40 cm height. And when is disassembled it’s smaller than a couch. In answer to your question yes, I think lot of people would love to enjoy skateboarding in the privacy of their own place with friends and family. Finally, since we’re really maniac with details and design, small ramps like the nano or the SK8Furnitures can easily turn into something else when the session is over.

How many ramps and skate features you brought to the skater’s backyard so far?
I don’t remember the exact number but I would say a few dozens until now. We’re growing really fast, that’s what give me the drive to keep growing.

Technical question: do you need any permission to set up a ramp?
If you want to set up in a public area and available to everybody so you need a permission. But if it’s for your private backyard you don’t really need nothing but space.

Events in italy are growing on the daily. How do they impact on skateboarding in Italy and what’s the role of skate features in the growth?
Events have been, are and will always be the beating heart of skateboarding. Skateboard features are really important since the experience the beginner has the first time heavily discriminate the way he/she will keep skating or not. That’s why we work a lot on geometries that are welcoming for the beginner and still damn fun for the pro.

What are – in your opinion – the abandoned or unused areas that could benefit from skateboarding?
I guess skateboarding already gave clear evidence of its funcion as a deterrent against the decay of the suburban areas . I recently read an interesting book (Stupid Wooden Toys by Flavio Pintarelli) talking about that and I admit I never thought about skateboarding from such perspective, but it makes totally sense. So as a result I would say every area in the process of redevelopement would benefit from skateboarding. I also think schools and sport clubs should integrate skateboarding in their programs. Outside of Italy, it is already happening.

Here’s a slightly tricky question but I guess you know the answer. What’s the minimum investment required to set up a portable skate area?
Portable skatebaord features allow you to set up a temporary skatepark wherever you want with no big budget nor man work involved, and when the event is over the same setup can be moved to an indoor area to be ridden all days or when such area allows it. This is the main plus of portable skate features (beside their lower cost). The minimum investment for a quality, functional and durable setup is just few thousands Euros and worths every cent.

Where could we see and ride your next ramps?
We’re about to leave for Köln (Germany) to deliver a skateboard setup to Deutsche Sportschule – the biggest Sport University in Europe – which is one of our biggest goal so far. In Italy you can find and enjoy our ramps in some amazing locations like Nimbus Surf Club at Marina di Pietrasanta (LU), Heavy Water Academy at Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI), The Snowpark Twenty in Livigno and the Whitehouse at Prato Nevoso (CN). There are other standing locations such as Kullu Products HQ in Graz – Austria.

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