In the beginning all skateboarding stories tell the same story, which speaks of creativity, perseverance and excitement. Then each one of them takes different a different path: now we tell you ours. Our way of living the skateboard is made of contamination, connecting different influences and seemingly distant contexts.
We design our products with great attention to design. Our mini ramp and skate furnitures redefine the spaces and times we usually associate with skateboarding, creating skate stories in places you don’t expect

Everything starts in 2018 from a bunch of old skaters from North Italy. They’re all into DIY ramp building since their childhood in the mid 90s, when almost no skateparks were left around.
After a funny night session at a nearby indoor skatepark, while having a beer on a bench they start brainstorming about building a portable ramp easy to move around in their VW T4 and session it no matter where they are. Two of them take up the challenge and built the ramp in few months, with the help of a friend owner of a woodshop.
They eventually begin to do demos around, partecipate at some skateboard events and do skate classes; their ramp is a real magnet for skaters, who ask how to get one for their backyard just after a couple runs. That’s how they realize they should put some further effort into portable skate features design: Laser skateboarding is born.

They starts to lurk around to find the right partner to craft their ramps and after few attempts they finally find the right one.
Laser Skateboarding Ramps are now manufactured by a professional wood shop from North Italy, boasting the latest technologies on wood cutting and machining, with 30+ years of experience.
All the ramps are designed under the guidance of the latest skateparks norms I.E. EN 14974, aiming to offer to our clients the best made and safest skateboard ramps available on the market.