Laser Skateboarding delivers ramps all over Europe. Nevertheless, we know it’s hard to set a precise shipping rate for every possible destination. Sometime it’s cheaper to ship with a groupage, while other times a custom shipping is needed. The bigger ramps must be dropped with a fork, while some others can be delivered with a small van. There are so many variables that we realized it’s pretty useless to set a shipping pricelist that must consider the worst cases, when we could instead quickly quote the real price, tailored on the customer needs.

An average shipping with a truck equipped with a liftgate sits around 15 to 30% of the ramp value depending on the destination country. In case of hard deliveries we arrange the shipping by ourselves with our van.
If you want to arrange the pick up of the ramp by yourself, we can prepare the package ready to be loaded at our production facility at the address below.

Remember that in the price of the ramps wooden pallets and packagings costs are not included (they’re included in our shipping quotation of course), so if you manage to arrange the pickup send us all the details of the vehicle, because some further packing costs could happen.

Fill the form below with all the delivery details or hit us on Whatsapp or Messenger (bottom right) and we’ll send you a detailed shipping quotation within 24 hours, so there will be no unexpected and unwanted suprises.